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  1. Jijaji, Don't you think that the analysis was carried out by not considering that 1 celestial year = 360 earth years?
  2. Does "cirAya" here mean "for a long time"?
  3. Did you see what was inside the pot?
  4. I was surprised because even those who have absolutely no Vedic knowledge distinguish between these two terms. The word "napumsak" is there not only in Bengali but even in Hindi.
  5. Gauracandra ji, Be careful. Your clothes may become tighter if you eat so much of sweets.
  6. Am I misunderstanding something here? Some of the posts in this thread seem to consider the words "homosexual" and "eunuch" as synonyms. But, they are entirely different.
  7. Sentimentalists will say we should judge no one. But the spiritualists must have proper discrimination or judgement by which they can avoid asat-sanga. Everybody has got some sentiments, though not to equal extent. I am not trying to say that we should not judge anyone. Being administrator of this site, you have every right to judge if the posts made here are proper. In fact, it will be wrong if you do not do so. But, my point is that we should not continue thinking of some bad incidents of past.
  8. I am sure people on those forums said offensive things to this person, but it is irrelevant here. As I mentioned in my post, I am not talking about those forums. How can I? I have never read a single post in any of those forums. I am talking about this very forum. I am not trying to imply that just because one person makes insulting remarks to somebody, then the latter has got right to express anger on everybody. But, if we want others to behave properly with us, then we should also behave properly with others.
  9. My this post may not be liked by some. But I do not think that we should continue spoiling our moods thinking about past. Jayasriradhey ji can no longer participate in these forums. She can not defend herself here. So, we should not continue criticizing her. And just because her posts were not as per the rules of this forum, does not mean that there is nothing good about her. Why is it that if we are angry with some people, then we find only bad in them and we never see anything good? Is everybody complete white or complete black? jndas ji is the administrator here. So, I have no right to question his decisions. But, I do not believe that no post was ever made which could make her angry. I never participated in VNN. In fact, there was a time when I did not even know what it was. I came to know about it one day from this forum itself. By that time, VNN had been closed. So, I can not comment on any post made there. But, I do not believe that there has never be a time when somebody made an insulting post to her. When she was participating here, then I found that one participant in this forum continuously used to make a kind of reply which will be found insulting by any lady. I am not going to tell what that post was or who posted that because I do not want the hatred to be continued.
  10. Just now I came to know jndas ji's name.
  11. Are you able to see the peacock in your system? If yes, in what editor? If it is ms word, then save the file as html. Open the html file into notepad. Paste the content of the notepad file here. It should work.
  12. Been thinking for a while Does it mean that it is rare for you to think
  13. This is the first time I am seeing such kind of post from Melvin ji. Or, have you posted such things earlier under different name? You have compared posters with atoms. An atom can be in ground state or any of excited states.
  14. Are you losing weight now? Don't overdo it. [This message has been edited by animesh (edited 08-21-2001).]
  15. What? Doctors have told me repeatedly to gain weight and you are asking me to lose it? Anyway, Gauracandra ji, I did not know that you are a fat peron.
  16. Shri Balaram is considered to be the incarnation of Sheshnag (the serpent god). If you can get Brahm-Vaivart Puran, please read it.
  17. Jndas ji, Why did you miss Brahm-Vaivart Puran? In that there are many stories related to Smt Radha?
  18. I don't know if Ramaswamy ji is still keeping up with this thread. He started this topic long back.
  19. Though we might make mistakes here, I think we aren't doing all that bad - mostly because we have a fairly strict moderator. Hey, no. It is because of nice participants like me.
  20. you just see the world through different glasses. I do not wear glasses. why is it the entire discussion on this forum which is supposably about spiritual discussion is about qutoing texts..and not practical worhsip? On an Internet forum, we can not know how a person worships in pratice unless he or someone who knows him writes that. But if participants in this forum start filling up the forum by writing how they worship, then that also won't look good. It would seem as if they are glorifying themselves even if that is not their intention. After all, there is one forum here to share spiritual experiences. This forum is for spiritual discussions. So, there is nothing wrong in having discussions here. It is true that it is better to follow a teaching rather than just quoting it. But, if some people quote a teaching, that does not prove that they do not live by it. It is highly possible that they quote it as well as follow it. It is not possible to do any kind of discussion without quoting sources which are considered to be authentic. Like Tarun ji, I also did not understand what you are saying about misoginy (the correct spelling is misogyny).
  21. I see alot of bickering in these posts...and less dialogue...as if some have a need to be the "right" one...You are all "right" children..you just see the world through different glasses. OK, daadi amma :-) Hey, you called us children, so I have right to use this word for you. It is true that you will find quarrels in this forum, but then, it has nothing to do with Hinduism in general. I have found quarrels in all many religious forums. (This is not to justify quarrels but just to say that quarreling in a forum is not surprising, though bad).
  22. Before writing anything further, let me say that I am neither encouraging nor discouraging you from converting to Hinduism. In my view, it should be a personal choice to decide what religion one wishes to follow. But I do encourage you to know more and more about Hinduism. It is not necessary to follow a religion in order to know about it. As an example, I am a Hindu. But I have absolutely no hesitation reading Bible and Quran. Now let me say what scriptures of Hinduism say about women. It is true that the scriptures glorify women who serve her husband and children. But then the same scriptures also glorify men who serve their wife, children and parents. There are punishments for women if they indulge in unrighteous acts, but then, there are punishments for men too.
  23. PLEASE IGNORE THE ABOVE POST BUT DO READ THIS ONE Sabrina ji, glad that I had the endurance to read through all the bickering to get to it Nothing wrong in having some bickerings among friends. Quarrel a little, don't take things to heart and be friends again. Now, let me tackle your second question. In the other thread I did not answer this question not because I felt that you were trying to attack us but because I could not find this question in your post (may be I did not read the question well -- my eyesight has become weak because of my very old age :-)) You have asked as to why women in India are not supposed to study. I do not know why but the people of other countries still think about India as it was many years ago. There is general perception that it is a sin for women to study, they should be confined within the walls of her house, girl babies are killed the moment they are born, widows have no right to live with dignity etc. etc. All of the above were true in India many years ago (so many years ago that I have not seen these happening but just read in books). I am not trying to say that, at present, these things do not happen at all. Now also, sometimes I read about such incidents. But now, these things are exceptions rather than rule. If women are treated badly, then it is considered to be illegal and the law of the land protects her. [This message has been edited by animesh (edited 08-15-2001).]
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