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  1. Yes, according to Bhagavatam, the name Bharatvarsha is because of the eldest son of Rishabhdev. There was another Bharat, the son of Dushyant and Shakuntala. The second Bharat seems to be more famous.

    Please note that the answers should be from Bhagavatam.


    11. Who was Bharata's father? (Here Bharata is the one after whom the name Bharatavarsha came.)


    Menaka and vishwamitra's daughter was shakuntala...

    shakuntala and king dushyant had a child bharat who later became emperor ...after whom bharatvarsha got its name

    (there is a story of a curse of rishi durvasa due to which dushyant forgot shakuntala and ....... )


    Are you sure that you have read it in Bhagavatam? Also, are you sure it is written in Bhagavatam that the name Bharatvarsha came after the son of Dushyant and Shakuntala?

  3. Indulekhadasi ji once posted a test on Mahabharata. I got the idea from that post of hers.:)

    I am posting a test on Srimad Bhagavat Mahapuran. Please note that you must answer the following questions only from Bhagavatam.

    It is an open book exam.;) So, you are free to refer to any material you like.


    1. When will Kalki avatar take place? Choose the most precise option: -

    a. In Kali yuga 2. In Satya yuga 3. In the conjunction of Kali and Satya 4. Some other (specify)


    2. Who was the Manu before Vaivasta Manu?


    3. Nara and Narayana were born as the sons of whom?


    4. What are the four principles of religion?


    5. Who was Parikshit's wife? How many sons did they have?


    6. How old was Lord Krishna when He overturned a cart in His childhood? Please do not answer

    that Lord is eternal, so He had infinite age. Of course, He is eternal, but I am asking His age as per his Krishna (son of Devki) incarnation.


    7. What mantra did Narada give to Dhruva?


    8. Dhruva got from Lord what he wanted. Still, he was not satisfied. Why?


    9. Why did Daksha curse Narada and what was the curse?


    10. What boon did Markandeya ask from Lord Shiva?


    11. Who was Bharata's father? (Here Bharata is the one after whom the name Bharatavarsha came.)


    12. While talking to Uddhava, what did Lord Krishna call as the best method by which a devotee can control Krishna?


    13. After Krishna incarnation was over, who became the ruler of the yadus?


    14. Who said to Krishna that Bhima should meet Jarasandha disguised as a brahmin and ask him for duel as charity?


    15. In the Rajsuya sacrifice performed by Yudhisthir, who suggested that Krishna should be worshipped first?


    16. Sudama met Krishna. When he was going back to his (Sudama's) residence, then at that time Sudama was not aware of the riches that Krishna had bestowed upon him. Sudama was under the impression that Krishna had not given him any wealth. Did Sudama feel anger towards Krishna for this? What did he feel?


    17. How did King Nriga become a chamelion?


    18. What are the names of the two Ashwini Kumars? Hint: - The names are given when Sukadev explains to Parikshit that Nakul and Sahdev were born by Madri when she invoked Ashwini Kumars.


    19. Ila was Manu's daughter. Sudyumna was Manu's son. What is the relation between Sudyumna and Ila? Note: - The answer is not as easy as saying that they were siblings. ;)


    20. Who were the sons of Laxmana (Lord Rama's brother)?


    Edited: - Instead of Indulekhadasi, I had written Indulekha dadi, thus making her very old. :eek: Corrected the mistake now.


    Why do you think that Big Bang expansion is impossible? Big Bang expansion is said to have taken place approx 14 billion years ago. Universe is expanding at present. Then, why is it so difficult to believe that it was expanding 14 billion years ago? [/avinash]



    Wow, great! Clap clap clap. Asking somebody a question means that I have rebellious, doubting thomas mind.



    This is your thinking that big bang is atheism, not mine. If God wishes, he can create the world in whatever way he likes - including big bang.

    Even Darwinian theory is not really atheism. Atheism means "not believing in God." Darwinian theory may be contradictory to your religious belief, but it is not contradictory to theism in general.



    According to you, being interested in Science means hunger, lust, desire to be famous and it also means limited perception. Go and learn get common sense.



    Belief in modern Science is limited perception for you but blind belief in Vedas means that you have a very broad perspective. Hypocrisy!



    Yes, it is sad that you do not have any common sense.



    Anybody who does not agree with you is a fool.



    Any belief, which is not the same as yours, is bogus. Nice definition!


    If being theist means becoming like you i.e. losing one's way of thinking, becoming abusive and hypocrite, then I hate such kind of theism.


    <TABLE class=luna-Ent minmax_bound="true"><TBODY minmax_bound="true"><TR minmax_bound="true"><TD vAlign=top minmax_bound="true">sectarian spirit or tendencies; excessive devotion to a particular sect, esp. in religion. </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

    <TABLE class=luna-Ent minmax_bound="true"><TBODY minmax_bound="true"><TR minmax_bound="true"><TD class=dn vAlign=top minmax_bound="true"></TD><TD vAlign=top minmax_bound="true">narrowly confined or devoted to a particular sect. </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><TABLE class=luna-Ent minmax_bound="true"><TBODY minmax_bound="true"><TR minmax_bound="true"><TD class=dn vAlign=top minmax_bound="true"></TD><TD vAlign=top minmax_bound="true">narrowly confined or limited in interest, purpose, scope, etc. </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><TABLE class=luna-Ent minmax_bound="true"><TBODY minmax_bound="true"><TR minmax_bound="true"><TD class=dn vAlign=top minmax_bound="true"></TD><TD vAlign=top minmax_bound="true">a bigoted or narrow-minded adherent of a sect. </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>


    How much devotion is excessive devotion? How much confinement is narrow confinement? Who is bigoted? What is narrow-mindedness?










    <CENTER>grhitaivisnudiksako visnu-pujaparo narah</CENTER><CENTER></CENTER><CENTER>vaisnavo 'bhihito 'bhijnairitaro 'smadavaisnavah </CENTER><CENTER></CENTER><CENTER></CENTER><CENTER></CENTER><CENTER></CENTER>

    "One who is initiated into the Vaishnava mantra and who is devoted to worshipping Lord Vishnu/Krishna is a Vaishnava.


    The verse posted by you does not refer to Krishna. It refers only to Vishnu. It can be argued that Vishnu and Krishna are same - so it does not matter. But, in that case, we should say Vishnu/Krishna/Rama or any form of Vishnu. That will be more accurate.

  7. Here the story of elephant and blind men is relevant. One blind man touched a leg of the elephant and said, "It is a pillar."

    Another touched the tail and said, "It is a rope."

    The third touched a ear and said, "It is a large winnowing fan."

    There are different versions of this story but the above will suffice for us.

    In reality, the elephant was neither a pillar nor a rope nor a winnowing fan. Moreover, it did not become any of these. Rather, the experiment (touch) done by the first man gave the result, which he would have got by doing the same experiement on an actual pillar. Likewise, other blind men got other results.

    Likewise, we should not jump to the conclusion that elementary particles (e.g. photons) become wave or they become particle. We should only say that there are certain experiments on photons in which the result is what we would get by performing the experiments on a wave. There are certain other experiments in which the result is what we would get by performing the experiments on a particle. But only on the basis of this, it will be erroneous to conclude that photon really becomes wave or really becomes particle any more than the elephant really became pillar or rope or winnowing fan.

  8. It will be wrong to say that soul has mass. It will be wrong to say that sould does not have mass. Rather, we should say that the concept of mass has no significance for soul.

    Let us first see what mass is. Mass is measure of inertia. When an external force is applied on an object, then that object resists the effect of the force. This resistance is called as inertia. Mass is a measure of this inertia.

    Can we apply force on soul?

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