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  1. I want to be good in both vocabulary and grammar. In fact, in Sanskrit, knowing grammar well will help me be better in vocabulary because if I know sandhi, samaas etc., then I can understand meanings of many words. So, I want both.
  2. Kimiflex, I agree that a teacher is required. But I want a book because I learnt Sanskrit from a very good teacher in my student life. In fact, I was considered the best student in Sanskrit by the teacher from whom I got tutuins and also by Sanskrit teachers in my school. But I have forgotten some of things because I am not in touch with Sanskrit as much as I was earlier. If I find a good book, then I will be able to remember many things. I am not looking for any Primer book. I want some book, which explains even the advanced concepts in detail.
  3. Is the 'a' in Rudrah short a or long a? If it is short a (like second a of Rama), then it is singular and if it is long a (like first a of Rama), then it is plular.
  4. You might be wondering why I did not post this in Sanskrit forum. A few weeks back I made a similar post in Sanskrit forum but there was no reply. I expect to get replies here. Moreover, since I am talking about scriptures here, I think this forum is also suitable for such a post.
  5. Please suggest me some really good book, which teaches Sanskrit. The book should be such that after learning Sanskrit from it, one should be able to understand the meanings of verses in our scriptures like Ramayan, Mahabharat, Puranas. I will prefer if the book is in Hindi. This is because if it is in English, then I will have to keep in mind lots of transliteration rules. But if it is in Hindi, then the book will use Devanagari script, which is also used in the scriptures. Moreover, Sanskrit is much closer to Hindi than to English. For these reasons, I prefer the book to be in Hindi. Any suggestions?
  6. I have read in a few places that hearing Valmiki Ramayan being sung is very pleasing to the ears. Has any of you heard it being sung? I am talking about the Sanskrit verses and not translation. Who was the singer (or reciter)? How was the experience? Please share.
  7. I have already read Mahabharat. But I am going to read it now again with more attention. I will post in this thread after that.
  8. I am quoting verses to show Shiva's supremacy because you are claiming that Vishnu is greater than Shiva. If somebody claims that Shiva is greater than Vishnu, then I will quote verses to show Vishnu's supremacy. You have quoted from Mahabharat. Does it mean that you consider it authentic? Do you treat whole of Mahabharat as authentic or some parts?
  9. If Krishna used the word soul, this means that He meant soul. No point in putting some other word or phrase.
  10. What do you mean by Srimad Ramayana? Is it Valmiki Ramayana? If so, can you tell me the context in which the above verse is spoken?
  11. The context is that deadly poison came out during churning of ocean. Therefore, gods went to Lord Shiv and prayed to him. You are saying that the prayers are indeed directed to Vishnu. But Lord Vishnu was present nearby. Then, why did gods not go directly to Lord Vishnu?
  12. Bhaktajan, First you substituted demigods in place of soul. Next you substitutedFamily Tree of the personalities of The Srimad Bhagavatam. What next? If you can do this, then I can also do the following substitution: - Some look on the soul [software developed by me] as amazing, some describe him [software developed by me] as amazing, and some hear of him [software developed by me] as amazing, <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:" /><o:p></o:p> while others, <o:p></o:p> even after hearing about him [software developed by me], <o:p></o:p> cannot understand him [software developed by me] at all. So, you agree that the above is correct?
  13. May be there is not pain just at the time of death. But, depending on how death occured, there may be huge pain moments before it.
  14. Are you preaching your own Bhagavad Gita?
  15. This is because Lord Ram is highly famous. That is why, they target Him.
  16. Hi Yogesh, You have mentioned an aurvedic remedy. Please tell how much it helped you. Thanks.
  17. All the best for your future life. You are far more intelligent than I was at the age of 14. I also at that time liked reading spiritual books, but only as stories. Of course, I also liked spiderman, superman etc. But now that I have become old:( , comics do not interest me. Wish you success in life. You are very much interested in spirituality. That is good. But since you are on this Earth, it is highly important to make full use of it. For that, having good health is essential. Therefore, please do not neglect your health. From your posts I have come to know that you have often felt weak. It is not good to be so weak in such an young age. Therefore, please take care of your health. And all the best for your studies.
  18. To Dark Warrior, You called Vishnu as supreme. Therefore, I pointed out that many verses call Shiva as supreme. In the past, in this site itself, somebody claimed that Shiva is supreme. At that time, I pointed out that many verses call Vishnu as supreme.
  19. I wish I also could see no contradiction. But some Puranas call Vishnu as supreme and some call Shiv as supreme. Don't you think there is contradiction? How can both be supreme?
  20. I will be grateful if you tell me the verse number. Please give a list of what Puranas you consider as Sattvik. And what about Mahabharata and Ramayana? Do you consider those as authentic? Yes, I have read Vishnu being called as Supreme in many verses in Vedas. But I have seen other verses in the Vedas calling other gods as supreme as well.
  21. What is the proof that the mediator focusses on the indweller and not on Indra? And if he really focusses on the indweller, then what is the proof that this indweller is Vishnu? Why can't it mean that devas call Shiva as all-pervading? And in Shiv Purana, Vishnu prays to Shiva. Thanks for mentioning this. I am not aware of Rudram Chamakam. But I will read it if I can lay my hand upon it. Yes, but some Puranas call Shiva as the absolute truth and Devi Bhagavatam calls Durga as the highest. Which one to believe? You are saying that Shiva's name is mentioned in the verse. Therefore, according to you, the prayer is not directed to Shiva. But note that the verse always mentions Vishnu. Using the same logic, can we not say that the prayer is not directed to Vishnu? Which Vedas say it?
  22. Where has everybody gone? Post your answers.
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