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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm from the Montreal region and looking to get a Sanskrit tattoo, but I don't know where to go....If anyone out there has a suggestion, please let me know.



    You can likely get a copy of what you want and bring it to any tattoo artist. They will be able to do it in that fashion. what would you like?


    Hey Narasingh. So it turns out that the second way is the more correct way of spelling Reinhart out. What is that website again that you use to translate? My mother in law was interested. Thank you so much. I was wondering if I could bug you with one more translation?

    My beloved is mine, and I am his.

    Song of Solomon 2:16

    If possible could you put them in different lines? Thank you so much for all your help!


    Namaste Heidi


    I'm glad the name worked out. I could have sworn that I replied to this before but it must have not gone through. Strange...

    Let me know if you got it. If not, I'll try again.

  3. I checked and discovered the biturbo is pronounced bee-turbo. See what happens when you assume LOL. That still begs the question of ser as in sergio.


    so... make it either

    बिसेर्का ser sounding like air or बिसर्का ser sounding like are.

    This also changes my previous post of Bibo making it


    बिबो Would you agree, Sant and Marko?


  4. Thank you sant, you may be right. However, as Marko wrote, the bi in biserka sounds like the bi in "biturbo". I assume this sounds like bi in bicycle or bite and not bi as in bitumen or bit. I believe I am right with the sa matra as well since sergio is more like serengeti and not sarcasm. I do consent the matra for kaa. These are the arguable differences and So...

    Marko, if the bi sounds like bit and the ser sounds like sar then sant is correct and use this... बिसर्का If it sounds like bite and ser (like share replacing the sh with s) then use this...बईसेर्का. That is unless Marko's significant other has a version of the name vishaka, then that changes everything. :) Good luck Marko and feel free to clarify our questions.

    Thanks again Sant...as the saying goes, two heads are better than one.


    MISCONCEPTION: First u need to understand wat the islam is.

    Islam comes frm the arabic root word silm which means to submit ur wills to almighty god.and another word salam which means.on the whole islam means to submit ur wills to almighty god by acquiring peace.islam=peace.terrorism is the antonym to islam.islam prohibits the terrorism. do u know wat the holy qur'an says if anyone kills an innocent as if the kills the whole mankind (the holy qur'an 5:32) and also in (5:64 it says that allah hates those who spread terror) islam is pure.my request u to all is dont judge the religion on the basis of wat the followers do. the roots of islam is the holy qur'an and tradition of prophet muhammad(pbuh). coming to very big misconception abt the international topic "jihad" jihad comes frm the root word jahad which means to strive jihad means to strive to struggle jihad doesnt means to kill the people jihad means to fight with ur own will. i know the media blames muslims i dont understand y dont they read and understand the holy qur'an to judge the islam..


    The problem is that history has shown that islam as a whole doesn't fit with your version of it. I appreciate how you read into the teachings of islam, it would be nice if it would be shared on a greater scale.


    how to post on this website

    i have few things that can be usefull for all of u

    If you'd like to start a new thread...go to the main heading ie. if it pertains to Sanskrit click on the sanskrit main thread. It will give you an option for starting a new thread. Good luck. I'd like to see what you have to offer :)


    I had planned to go to my local temple for settling a time for my namakarana on Saturday, but now I am getting cold feet. I am feeling upset to find out that many Hindus hold that conversion cannot take place in their religion and also that in many temples only South Asian Hindus are even permitted to enter, and the priests enforce this policy, whether the entrants claim to be Hindu or not. To me this feels like Muslims forbidding non-Muslims entry into Mecca because it will somehow "dirty" it. Also some Hindus claiming that while God is universal "their" gods are special to them only.


    I know many white Hindus have and do exist, such as George Harrison and many in the scientific and philosophical fields. Personally my interest really took off as a result of my passion for archaeology, which introduced me to ancient India. Actually it was the result of many factors at play but archaeology as my chosen field did play a role, especially the controversy over the Aryan invasion theory.


    Also I do not want to "stand out". It is sad to say but racialism is still prevalent in our society and one term I hear used about white Hindus is "wannabes". I may not have been born and raised in India, and may have more liberal social mores as a result (although I do not drink or smoke, nor cheaply give away my body) - would this make me ineligible as a Hindu, especially as an unmarried and self-determined woman who does not feel called to be married?


    All I know is that Durga has done more for me than anyone else, merely by chanting in her name I turned from a scared child into an adult. (That doesn't mean I still don't occasionally get nervous, as can be seen!) I try every day to bow before her and Krishna, and Lakshmi, and Ganesh, and meditate on their forms, which always brings a smile to my lips. They (realizing their Oneness) have granted me freedom in a way I did not know before. When I was a little girl I could not admire the saints of different religions - even different denominations - without that sinking drummed-in belief that despite their holiness they were all burning in hell for not putting the right words into their creed. Now I can see the true universalism in faith.


    Do I have to undergo a namakarana? I know that even if I were rejected by the community I would still throw myself before God.


    BTW, I realize namakarana is typically bestowed on infants, but on some research it seems to be also accepted as the means of accepting Hindu converts, if they are accepted.

    Try to bear in mind that there are bigots in every corner of the earth. Unfortunately, it is more common than not. If your local temple will perform the naamkaran for you, regardless of whether some of the congregation acknowledges it or not, then do so. After all it is for you, not them. If we only did what others do, we'd have no Ramanuja, Madhva, Shankar, Buddha, etc... If you acknowledge the sanctity of your naamkaran, then it will have meaning. If I acknowledge your naamkaran, and you don't, then what meaning will it have?


    Hi Narasingh,

    Sorry for the confusion. I wish I spoke and wrote Hindi. What she said to me was what your script was right but that there is one other way to write it out that could be more correct?? Im not sure what that means. She said maybe it was missing one line/letter at the beginning. Like if you said it Reinhart sounding like Rein in reindeer then maybe it would be a different looking script? Im not sure if this helps. Sorry. I wont be seeing my mother in law until the beginning of July so I can find out them but maybe this helps?

    Thanks again and sorry about confusing you.


    No problem Heidi. I wrote रईन्हार्ट but it could be राईन्हार्ट.


  9. Namaste Heidi,

    I have to admit, I am not fully understanding what your request is. Since the Devanagari (Sanskrit) alphabet is a phonetic one, it would be more easily read by a person who is familiar with the script if it were rendered phonetically. However, I can direct you to the application I use and your mother-in-law can try to formulate it. I believe it is cross-platform. Go to baraha.com and download their application. It is free and safe and very-useful, giving you the option of over 10 East Indian languages.

    Good Luck! I would hope you'd share with me your mother-in-law's rendering of the name.


  10. Surrender also means to accept that Krishna's idea of maintaining us may not be our idea of being maintained. He may leave us eating scraps from a garbage, or he may send us into a jail cell in Mathura for not possessing a proper visa, or he may let us leave our bodies with a painful disease while living in the streets in Radha Kunda. In other words don't expect comfort just because we surrender to Him. If someone is not ready to accept whatever difficulties may come (which includes all of the difficulties in this world), then they are not ready for surrendering in the external form. That's why better to practice sadhana first in a natural environment we are accustomed to.

  11. Personally, I would contemplate residence at Radha Kunda if I were confident that Krsna will supply me whatever was necessary for my existence...rakshishyatiti visvasah.


    You acknowledge that Radha Kunda is, ontologically, the most sacred place of existence. There are many gradations of sanctity in the dham, with Radha Kunda being the utmost, right?


    Thus, while we accept that the body belongs to Krsna, there are different gradations of acceptance, with complete surrender to Krsna being the most high. To think that you will control whether or not you will rot at Radha Kund is an indication of your level of surrender. Nothing more, nothing less.


    Obviously, if we want the best, we must pay the price. Things of real value do not come cheaply. To the degree of our surrender, things shall be revealed.

  12. As aranya baba noted, Goswami or Thakur were the original titles for Vaishnava preeminents.


    chaitanyakrpa das: Your interest in residence at Radha Kunda should be without interest in your bodily necessities. It is the abode of the most advanced saranagatas. Your question of where to stay indicates needed saranagati. Practice this and you may find yourself being placed in Radha Kunda rather than going there on your own. After all, isn't it true that God knows better what's best for us than we do?

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