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  1. hii,

    I haerd that there is a very famous place in gulbarge(karnataka, some 100 kms from bangalore) where there is a temple of guru or guru dattatraya temple,

    you just need to go there and as soon as harathi starts, ur cure starts automatically and its nearly free may b u need to give some Rs 50.00 or 100 max to the pujari there after u feel ok.

    plz try.






    It is quite normal for such problems to increase when u start doing any sadhana....because these ghosts and spirits want you to stop your sadhana .......so dont be afraid ....keep doing your sadhana ..and without wasting time go to kasthabhanjandev mandir as soon as you can ......


    take a friend along who will take care of u if such problems increase on the way ....and before leaving your house pray to kasthabhanjan dev(hanumanji) and ask him for protection.....


    also for sleeping you can try these things try it tonight and let me know if it worked .... in the evening when u do you prayer hanuman chaaleesa and bajrang baan light an oil lamp with lots of oil so that the diya lasts througout the night ... (do the dhoop deep and prayers in the same room where you sleep )then do a dhoop of chandan and gugal... if u dont have gugal dont worry only chandan will do as well ...just make sure that initially the windows are open when u do dhoop .... once there is a lot of smoke in the house close the windows so that the dhoop fragrance stays in the room and do some more dhoop to make sure the fragrance stays throughout the night.while sleeping chant these verses


    "bhoot pisach nikath nahi aave

    mahabir jab naam sunave"


    and go to sleep while chanting these verses ....also if you have a computer with speakers then in a very low volume keep playing a hanuman mantra in repeat mode in the room .....


    let me know tomorrow if it helped ...... however the best thing is without delay go to the temple ....as that is a sure way to get rid of these things ....and yeah try keeping a vegetarian diet if possible and try avoiding onions and garlic..........


    the reason is all the odours and fragrances like onion garlic chandan gugal etc attract different type of nagative shaktis and divine spirits and they eat through the fragrance ..at astral level .....and these negative spirits if they possess you then they like to eat meat and wine thru your physical body.......so hopefully the divine beings in you room will take care of these negative spirits and the chanting will keep them out of your body .....


    let me know if it worked .... but u know what the best thing to do is ..... without worrying about anything simply go to sarangpur it is not difficult ...just go to Amdavad and from there ask anyone and they will guide u as to how to go to the temple as it is a very famous temple.food an accomodation is provided free(deposit required)..so go there for 1 or 2 days dont worry what time u reach there because people visit the temple 24 hours a day and are provided accomodation at anytime.

  2. Hii, I need the said subscription.Plz note my address as



    cbd belapur

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    Jai Gurudev,


    I received mails asking for subscription & also from those who have taken

    diksha,I am not giving subscription to those who have taken Guru Diksha.

    Its surprising & annoying thing that a desciple relies on others for

    subscription, when actualy he/she along with him also should give

    subscriptions to others.









    Vikram Korde <VIKRAM.KORDE com (DOT) lntinfotech (AT)>

    Sent by:

    11/24/2006 09:32 AM

    Please respond to









    FREE Mantra Tantra Yantra MAGAZINE Subscription











    If anyone is interested to have annual magazine subscription, kindly send

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    This scheme is only for south indian people.


    Jai Gurudev








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