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  1. Dear All,


    Is there any evidence to suggest that Kariyatu and Kadu herbs are harmful to male fertility if taken for a prolonged period of time?


    I'm aware that these herbs have been used in ayurveda for thousands of years. However I heard someone mention that these could harm the sperm count if taken for too long.


    Is this true?




  2. The 7th house is not subject to any significant benefic or malefic influences. 7th lord in 4th is considered good. However the 7th lord which is satrun is under the malific influences of mars and sun.


    The karaka's of marriage, i.e. Jupiter and Venus are also reasonably well placed.


    Hence I dont see any major adverse impact on marriage taking all the above into account.

  3. I have a basic question for all learned astrologers.


    Within Horary astrology how do you predict considering the transit of a plant within in sign.


    For example we all know that the 2,5,7,9,11th transit of Jupiter from the Natal moon is auspicious. However Jupiter will take 1 year to go through each sign. Now how do we predict considering the movement of Jupiter through various degrees within a particular sign.


    I look forward to giudance on the above.




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