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  1. I wish someone would reply..Anybody?
  2. Im worried that it wont be all that great for me as Im a scorpio Lagna, and my shukra is placed in the 10th house in Simha. Can someone Please let me know how my shukra dasa would be? I think it starts in a few months from now... 02.10.83, 10:00 AM, 74E 45, 13 N 23. Many thanks in advance....
  3. Just thought Id share that I do believe in Astrology very strongly and the grace of God. I was going through a really rough depressing patch for the LONGEST time, and was unemployed and worried/anxious all the time. I posted many times on this site. Then finally an astrologer told me that once shani went direct from being retrograde, i would be given the job. I was employed the next day after shani became direct !!!! And Im quite happy with my new job, and this is mainly due to His blessings, nothing else!. I know its a result of my prayers and shani stotras as I am still under sade sati. Prayer is defntly everybodys answer! Now I was trying to analyze when im getting married...( we are never satisfied are we?).....so can someone help me out? Im born 2nd Oct 1983 Manipal, india 10 Am. Would greatly appreciate some feedback! Thanks everyone. Dont lose hope! Just pray and keep the faith
  4. So Rahu ketu move to Capricorn and Cancer today I think. Im a cancer (karka) Raashi, what does it mean if ketu is going to be on my Janma Raashi for the next 18 months? Saturn is going direct in the next few days too....for my Sade Sati. Somebody please if any of this is good for my career, I feel hurdles and obstacles all the time, and it is frustrating in every sense.
  5. Seems like Ive been having an unpleasant journey for a really v.long time now....and things are still not changing.. seems stagnant... Any clues when my period gets better? job wise? Personal life wise.... Appreciate some hope in return..Thanks. Karkataka Raashi 2/10/1983 (10 Am) udupi, KA India
  6. In my Opinion, You are having Mercury Mahadasa which continues until 2013. Right now, its Rahu Antar dasa...so that could be the source of your problem. Ketu Mahadasa is quite okay...Im having it at the moment...and He isnt as malefic as Rahu or Shani.
  7. Im sorry, but I am pretty sure that Im having KETU Vismottari Dasa right now.... Oct 2,1983 Time: 10:00AM Zone: 5:30 DST: 0 Longitude: 74E45 Latitude: 13N23 Lahiri Ayanamsa: 23:38 365.25 Day Year Current Period: Ke/Me/Ke As 06:09 Sc Anuradha Sa Su 14:48 Vi Hasta Mo Mo 15:44 Cn Pushya Sa Ma 07:44 Le Magha Ke Me 27:00 Le U.Phalguni Su Ju 13:14 Sc Anuradha Sa Ve 04:19 Le Magha Ke Sa 10:11 Li Swati Ra Ra 25:07 Ta Mrigsira Ma Ke 25:07 Sc Jyeshtha Me Vimshottari Dashas ================== Sa Oct-02-1983 Me Jan-30-1985 Ke Jan-30-2002 Ve Jan-30-2009 Su Jan-30-2029 Mo Jan-30-2035 Ma Jan-30-2045 Ra Jan-31-2052 Ju Jan-30-2070
  8. Hey...Thanks so much for the reply AstroT. Appreciate your help. So Venus dasa doesnt look good. Thats what I was scared to hear. and Im just going to start 20 years of the dasha this year........ I had spoken to another astrologer, and he actually mentioned that during the Saturn retrograde period, it would be even more tough for me to find employment, and that once it went direct, Id have better chances. Ketu has been good to me, but Ive been clouded by judgement thanks to sade sati shani, which has taught me a lot though- the uncomfortable way.
  9. anybody out here who can help me ? ! Thnx
  10. Hi, Im a student of Vedic astrology, and am really looking for some answers. My moon sign is Cancer, and Saturn is exalted in my 12th house (natal chart) ...Im presently undergoing my last phase of sade sati shani. Shani is currently retrograde and on May 4th, 2008 Shani goes direct in Leo - which is my 10th house from asc with Venus, Mars and Mercury in the natal chart. 1. What are the implications of this on my career as Leo is my 10th house from Lagna? 2. How will the last phase of Sade sati shani turn out? Better or worse? 3. Since Venus is afflicted by Mars in its enemy's house (Leo) in the chart; how does that affect my Venus Dasa? Will it be better than my current ketu dasa as ketu is exalted? Thanks for your time! (2/Oct/1983, 10 AM ,Udupi KA India)
  11. Thank you very much for the reply ! Grateful for the same. You mentioned I will have this problem for another 1 n half years / 2 months Is it because in 2 months, Retrograde Saturn goes direct in Leo? Or some other reason?
  12. I was wondering how I can get a reply or two. Thanks.
  13. Hare Om ! My DOB is 2nd Oct, 1983. Place of Birth : Manipal (Udupi) India. Time:10 AM Lat: 13N 23 Long : 74E 45 Can someone please tell me when I will get a job, been looking for one for very long but no luck so far..! Also want to know how my Venus Mahadasa will be?? When will I get married? Thank you.
  14. Hari Om. Im an amateur at Vedic Astrology, and am trying to learn any way possible. My Date of Birth is 02 Oct 1983, Time : 10:00 am. Place :Manipal (udupi.) I am a Scorpio Ascendent,(cancer rashi) and i just read an article that Venus is a functional Malefic for me, along with Mars. I have Mars and Venus both in my 10th House of Leo, afflicting each other. - What implications does this have on my career? - How will my Venus dasha turn out starting next year, considering it is a functional malefic ? Hoping to get answers from someone. Thank you kindly.
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