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    My wife had commited suicide

    In last week of aug my wife commited suicide.she was pregnent. I dont know the real reason why she commited suicide.she was housewife,she was prepraing for govt job examination. After her death i came to know that she was in touch with a guy,but i still dont know who that guy is, she had cheated me.After knowing this still I love her, Still i am not beeing able to get out of pain of her loss. I still mis her every moment of my life, Some time i think i should also commit suicide. I had become regular drinker. I dont know how should i get out of this..plz help
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    Have you heard about Naadi astrology???? Naadi Shastra Astrology is a potent extrapolative method. It is different from conventional Astrology or Palmistry. The accurateness of the reading in Astrology and other predictive sciences depends a great deal upon the proficiency of the reader over the subject. These Naadi Predictions handed down directly by the Great Sages of ancient India. Believed to be documented thousands of years ago. These are more than the predictions; essentially, these are documented facts about every individual’s past present and future. These facts come from the sages who had achieved the power to foresee past and future with the help of Naadi leaves

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